Our Team

Meet the core of Crescar. With offices around the world, the team below will lead your companies business growth and success.


Business Operations & Performance Director

Meet Russell, an accomplished transport services professional with over 20 years of experience. Specialising in Bidding, Project, and Business Development roles, he excels in Transport, Facilities, and Aviation/Defence markets. Russell is an expert in Telecommunications, Business Transformation, and Change Management, delivering GBP 10m+ programs with large teams.

His vast experience spans Government, Facilities Management, Aviation, Defence, Telecommunications, Transportation, Logistics, Finance/Banking, and Pharmaceuticals sectors in the Middle East and Europe/UK.



Introducing Mark, an accomplished Public Transport Director with a remarkable history of business wins, change implementation, and seamless operation of large-scale contracts. With over two decades of experience in the transportation industry, Mark has honed his expertise in negotiation, relationship management, strategy development, and driving operational excellence. 

His leadership and innovative approach have led to the successful delivery of numerous projects, earning him a reputation as a reliable and results-driven professional. Trust Mark’s wealth of experience and dedication to ensuring your transportation projects succeed and operations run smoothly.



Introducing Shane, our senior bid management professional with a wealth of experience in the Middle East and UK markets. Specialising in transport (rail and bus), FM, and aviation industries, Shane’s passion lies in developing bespoke customer solutions that exceed expectations and drive company growth.

With a keen understanding of customer needs and innovative cost-saving strategies, Shane has a proven track record in securing opportunities for clients. Trust Shane to lead your bids to success and propel your business forward.



Introducing Jo, our highly experienced business and operations management professional with an impressive track record in international companies across various sectors. Over the last 20 years, Jo has held senior roles in Transportation and Outsourced Services in both the UK and Middle East.

Based in our Dubai office, Jo plays a crucial role in supporting strategic central business and project-based initiatives across the entire Crescar Group. With a proven track record of success, Jo is dedicated to driving excellence in our operations. Trust Jo to bring valuable insights and leadership to propel our business forward.



Meet Shafi, a seasoned professional with a wealth of expertise in transport schedule development and optimisation. Over the years, he has honed his skills in analysing client data, uncovering valuable insights, and providing innovative solutions that lead to the most efficient allocation of resources.

Shafi’s commitment to cost-effectiveness and resource optimisation sets him apart as a reliable partner for businesses seeking to maximise their operational efficiency. With his keen eye for detail and strategic approach, he will ensure that your transport services run like a well-oiled machine, delivering the best outcomes for your organisation. Trust Shafi to optimise your transport schedules and drive your business toward greater success.



Mark is a seasoned service delivery leader in land transport with a notable background at ‘Megabus’ in England, Wales and London Coach businesses. He brings invaluable industry expertise and seamless operations of large-scale contracts. His specialty lies in negotiation, relationship management, strategy development, and driving operational excellence in the industry. Based in the UAE, Mark leads strategic service and drives excellence in transport operations



Nikhil is an executive-level finance professional with over 15 years of work experience across multiple disciplines. His expertise spans bidding, project appraisal, corporate finance, business analysis, transformation, mergers and acquisitions, financial research, and business valuation. Throughout his career, Nikhil has demonstrated a keen eye for financial insights and strategic decision-making, contributing significantly to the growth and success of various organisations. Trust Nikhil’s extensive financial knowledge and analytical skills to drive your business forward and make informed financial decisions.



Introducing Tamer, a seasoned consultant with over 15 years of experience in Data Analysis and Marketing Research. Tamer excels in extracting meaningful patterns and trends from complex datasets, providing actionable insights that drive informed decision-making. With a profound understanding of
market dynamics, he conducts thorough research to identify opportunities, assess competition, and guide marketing strategies.

In the realm of financial planning, Tamer brings financial acumen to the table, assisting in developing robust financial plans that align with organisational goals. His keen eye for analysing business processes and identifying areas for improvement enhances overall efficiency and effectiveness. Tamer is also adept at crafting compelling technical proposals and conducting feasibility studies, ensuring projects are viable
and aligned with strategic objectives. Currently, he is supporting Crescar public transportation projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Meet Salaman, a highly skilled Finance Professional with extensive experience in Reporting, External Auditing, and Management Accounting. Salaman holds the distinguished title of Associate Chartered Certified Accountant, reflecting his commitment to excellence and professional standards. He excels in navigating complex financial data, ensuring accuracy and compliance in Accounting and Reporting. As a seasoned External Auditor, Salaman upholds the highest standards in financial practices, instilling confidence among stakeholders.

Salaman’s strategic insights and analytical prowess in Project Controlling contribute to effective resource allocation and project execution. His expertise in Budgeting aligns budgets with organisational goals, fostering financial stability and growth. Salaman currently supports Crescar public transportation
projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Introducing Niaz, our Transport Planning and Operations Specialist. His expertise includes providing technical support and advice for transport infrastructure planning, demand estimation, design, and development. Niaz manages aspects such as traffic congestion, parking infrastructure, and public transport planning, pre and post-construction. He is actively involved in designing temporary traffic management infrastructure, implementing traffic signage, and developing strategies for efficient transport data collection and capacity analysis. 

Niaz also assists our clients in formulating and implementing traffic, signage, parking, and public transport management plans and measures, both pre and post-construction. Currently, he supports Crescar public transportation projects in Saudi Arabia.



Introducing Moustafa, a seasoned Transit Planning & Scheduling Officer with a decade-long commitment to enhancing transportation systems. With 10 years of experience, Moustafa has played a pivotal role in developing and optimising transit planning strategies, contributing significantly to the seamless
integration of transport services. He supports a global client base, offering innovative scheduling solutions and fostering a strategic approach to transit planning, navigating the complexities of transportation management with proficiency.

Moustafa’s expertise extends beyond scheduling to aligning transit plans with broader urban development goals, ensuring an efficient transportation network for the community. Currently, he supports Crescar public transportation projects in Saudi Arabia.

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